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A day with feelings

Some people may not have the same exact feelings like yours did and if you keep on wondering why

It will never be enough time to answer that. Sometimes feeling took time to grow but sometimes time can tell if the feelings is real.

The momentum

It feels so refreshing when I thought that I can finally at least be honest with myself. Say honest things and admitting my fear.

I dress as comfortable as I could during my interview. 

Hefty heart

Going back again to Singapore, with all excitment that I will be finding a job or working on this X compmay. We did a video call interview and everything went well., but that's only a glimpse of hope. I get to be interviewed with all 6 people in different time and different room, just to be asked based on different question. I hold exhale my breath trying to just be patient with everything.

I really really hope that goddess of mercy and all the god that my family believe in, really answer my pray. 

When this will stop? 

Do I need to continue doing this?

Flying again

Flying again tomorrow morning. Gonna be back to Singapore and hopefully this time my hardwork bear a fruitty nutella.

There is a lots of things I need to take care of and wanted to do. I still lvoe taking photo and creating content. I really wanna go to the several places that I feel so beautiful and share it on Instagram.

Thank you for reading my blog

I am so so happy to say that my blog is really working so good even the progress is slow but it is well manage. The fruit starting to grow, and I feel all my hardwork is starting to pay off. I am so happy with whawt I have achieved during my journey, even thou it’s feel like roller coaster but I do feel so much happier with myself right now.