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Stuck with boring content

After 3 years doing content creation, it just happened that suddenly it struck my mind that I got no content to tell and I feel every single content is quite boring for me and sometimes I feel that I really really want to change my content but what to talk on the bliog with my audience which mainly they love beauty, perhaps I really need to change the way I deliver the information to them.

I decided to just write things that is really interesting in the future. Well.. let's see...

Social media withdraw

This feeling has been going on after sometimes. I think it's started when I doing  my visa in Surabaya city. It feel so good not able to see social media for awhile, it feel so great to me and I do like the feeling apparently.
I just somehow feel exhausted to do content creation and I feel my page is boring. I made personal account that I close today. Alongside with my other blog that I also delete permanently. It feels so exhausted to have multiple account at the same time and have to keep on posting and posting. Growing social media is not that easy after all. It could be fun, if I do that for fun, meaning I don't have to care so much about posting this stuff or that stuff first, and doesn't care about building the theme at all.
Right now! I only think to just rest for awhile and focus on my beauty website also looking for a job.

Anyway, apart from social media. I'm still love blogging. My beauty website have gained subscribers every now and then, it's kinda makes me feel like I'm worth of something.
At least someone out there are keeping their eyes to what I do.

Now, I really need to find my passion again for content creation like I normally do. I just hope that I won't get bored doing it for years. I do love it, actually. I hope this is just a temporary feeling after all I love writing.

Life Update

Finally, after many thought, I try to have the courage to start my own digital consulting. It does take me a while to provide this kind of business to other businesses and professional. Anyway, I am happy to be back to blogging my own personal thought and finally able to just express myself on this blog.

Right at this current state creating and designing a blog or website only take 4-6 hours for me, the last time I tried to do all by myself, it took me about 2 weeks. I am so happy with this improvement. However, as much as easy and cheap on blogger.com, I am still loving WordPress because it is much simpler to arrange things and also it is full of wonderful creative option that I can arrange.
While blogger.com is suitable for people who just want to blog without having to worry about making great content

For those of you who are curious about what I'm doing, you can click on this 2 website below:

I am back to hometown and trying hard again to find a job in Singapore. The economy really bad but I am hoping that everything will be fine. It is really peaceful in my own home, where my parent is here, I feel happy to help my dad with his store. He did retrench few staff because the income is not growing well like last time. We all have no ideas when this is over.

Anyway, I create an Instagram account using my iPhone and realize that there is a close friends list option. I could make use to it, to avoid any kepo people who really have nothing to do but starting the bad rumor about others. I am wondering if they really care about how their lips could impact other life.

I am a little bit confused with blogger.com, in Singapore custom domain are not allowed and in indonesia it is allowed. I wonder why Singapore do not allow for custom domain inside the blogger.com. Hmm...

Well.. I guess that's all for first post. Hope you enjoy your day.